Important information for those who wish to start a window cleaning business.

This help site has been created by seasoned window cleaning business owners as a resource for the beginner who wants to know how to start a window cleaning business.  The purpose is to contribute good information and encouragement to anyone who is thinking of starting a window cleaning business (or has already). contributors are not one man operations.  They are experienced in growing and operating one million dollar window cleaning businesses.  It is important for a rookie to have advice from people who have been through the gauntlet.  Hopefully this site will help to reduce some of the naivety you may have.

This site contains insights and observations about the Window Cleaning Industry from long time seasoned veterans.  If you found this site because you are wondering how to start a window cleaning business, then please enjoy.

There are things you may wish to know about the window cleaning industry like: the competition, growth patterns, the investment, liabilities, and more as you consider starting a window cleaning business.  Despite the optimized title, this is not a “how to start a window cleaning business step by step” website and we will not attempt to sell you a book for $99 bucks. The information contained in this site is designed to be informative for the entrepreneur who is a novice to the window cleaning industry. It contains an in depth look at observations about the industry from seasoned window cleaning business owners who have been successful at growing large businesses.

Someone who is wondering how to start a window cleaning business should be informed about what it this industry is like.  It is important to have access to, and advice from seasoned veteran window cleaning business owners that have more experience than just a guy that cleaned windows on his own for a few years.

Also, here is how a window cleaner can get a FREE PIZZA about 85% of the time.  See Paragraph 4 of the next page.  It has worked many times for the contributors and their window cleaners.

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