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Joe Ruegsegger (above-left) is an experienced window cleaning business owner and knows how to start a window cleaning business.  In 1999, Joe co-founded a residential window cleaning business in Minneapolis, MN along with his brother and partner Jack Ruegsegger (above-right).  By 2005, Jack and Joe had established a company that employed approximately 25 – 30 window cleaners during the busy season and generated just under $900,000* in gross revenue per year just cleaning residential windows.

While Jack was busy courting and selling new customers, Joe was busy developing business systems, procedures, software, training materials, and measuring marketing methods to facilitate the operations of the behemoth company.  In 2007, Jack and Joe expanded into commercial and mid-rise window cleaning.  Growth continued on the residential side as well as in the new commercial division.

By 2014 the original window cleaning business now known as Squeegee Squad, had been fully acquired by franchise partner Joe Antonello (above-middle), and generated over 2.2 million dollars* with the help, advice, guidance, and support, of Jack and Joe.  Since 2006, Jack and Joe have refined a window cleaning business consulting model and have helped over 45 individuals in 19 states and in 4 countries start their own window cleaning businesses.  This window cleaning business model has facilitated great success for their Squeegee Squad partners throughout the country.

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We’re glad that you took the opportunity to view the information contained in this website.  We hope you learned a few things about the industry and want to encourage you to follow through with your vision of starting a window cleaning business.  It is a great business!  There are many website’s out there devoted to selling a book about “how to start a window cleaning business.”  In order to maximize your opportunity for success however, it takes a little more than just a book.  Ongoing training, support, systems, and a true partnerships with other successful entrepreneurs are the core of the Squeegee Squad business model.  It has been a recipe for success for other new owners who have joined the Squeegee Squad system.

As you do your diligence in starting your own window cleaning business, feel free to contact us if you would like more advice moving forward.

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*Results are not typical. See 2013 Squeegee Squad FDD for more information regarding Franchisee Revenue, costs, terms and assumptions.