The Seasonality of the Window Cleaning Business

In the northern markets like Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, etc., business slows due to the weather during the winter months of January & February.  As you go further south down to Texas, Florida, Alabama, California, etc., the slow time is not as noticeable but still exists.  If you are planning and budgeting your first year or two in business you should be aware of this seasonality. Do not expect to gain as many clients or clean as many windows as you would during busier months.  Some markets exhibit a lull at other times.  Naples, FL is one of a few markets in which the slow time occurs between June and September.  There are seasonal customers that migrate down there as well as seasonal employees that follow the customers and work for one company during the summer months and another company during the winter months.

Some markets have other interesting quirks.  Atlanta, for example, has a very slow April due to the pollen season.  In May it all of a sudden gets very busy.  Markets like Phoenix have a big lull during July & August due to the heat.

Each geographic region of the country has it’s own quirks.  The seasonality, however, tends to be similar across many markets in which there is a slight lull during the summer months of August and September and there will be a significant lull during the months of January and February.  The graph above depicts what a seasonal revenue stream might look like for a very seasonal northern market window cleaning company.

You should be aware of the seasonality in your market.  This will help you forecast monthly revenues when assembling and monitoring your business plan over the first year.  You may wish to obtain advice when you start a window cleaning business.  It may save you a lot of money by not spending advertising dollars during certain times of the year.  Generally, it is good to get advice from others who have already made the same mistakes that you might make.  It could save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your business.

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